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Student Health Plan Information

Medical Insurance Plan Details: Fall 2014 enrollment year

Please review the Student Health Insurance Policy so that you are familiar with the waiver and enrollment deadlines.

  • Customer Service: by Benefit Administrators (Hubbard-Bert)
    800 777-2524 (if calling within the United States)
    814 454-0167 (if calling from outside the United States - or Erie PA)
    814 459-2250 (Fax)
    Customer Service (E-mail)

  • Plan materials for the 2014-2015 insurance enrollment year
  • Available to all students: Highmark Community PPO Blue:
    Please Note: All Athletes MUST choose this Plan
  • Available to International Students ONLY: United Healthcare PPO:
    Please Note: International Athletes cannot choose this Plan

  • Attention Parents of International Students:

  • Many parents of University students who are studying in United States, purchase insurance “riders” or “travel policies” to cover their student while in our country. Despite what you have been told, these plans seldom work and may leave your child without the coverage he or she may require. In many cases, buying the University sponsored plan is less than or equal to purchasing the additional “rider” to your current policy. The University does not accept these policies as approved waivers. If you supply a waiver with this type of policy, your son or daughter will be automatically enrolled in the University sponsored plan, and you will be billed for the premium on his/her student account.

    If you have any questions, please contact one of our representatives by email at or by phone at 814-454-0167.